Championing Blue Collar America and Taking Swipes at Trump’s Economic Record

Biden swipes at Trump's job

President Joe BidenChampioning Blue Collar America and Taking Swipes at Trump’s Economic Record

President Joe Biden celebrated Labor Day with a passionate speech in Philadelphia, addressing a union crowd at the Tri-State Labor Day Parade hosted by the Philadelphia AFL-CIO. He emphasized his commitment to labor unions, outlined his economic vision, and took subtle jabs at former President Donald Trump’s job record, setting the stage for his potential 2024 re-election campaign.

Biden’s Pro-Union Stance

President Biden proudly declared himself the most pro-union president in history as he stood before a gathering representing over 100 local unions, collectively representing 150,000 workers. His speech was a testament to his dedication to uplifting the American workforce and creating opportunities from the ground up.

Bidenomics: A Blueprint for Blue Collar Prosperity

Biden described his economic plan as “Bidenomics,” a blueprint for a blue-collar America. He articulated his vision to make the economy work for ordinary people, believing that when it benefits them, it benefits the entire nation. According to Biden, this vision is working.

Economic Challenges and Triumphs

Despite positive economic indicators, President Biden has faced challenges in convincing voters about his economic stewardship. Recent polls have reflected this skepticism, even as the latest jobs report revealed steady U.S. hiring and wage growth. However, Biden remained undeterred, highlighting the impressive strides made during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, including the creation of 13.5 million jobs, a historically low unemployment rate of below 4%, and controlled inflation.

A Dig at the Previous Administration

Without mentioning Trump by name, President Biden drew a sharp contrast between his approach and that of his predecessor. He emphasized that he views the world from the vantage point of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Claymont, Delaware, in contrast to the “Park Avenue” perspective he ascribed to the previous administration. Biden also pointed out that he inherited an economy with job losses, a stark departure from the typical trajectory.

Infrastructure Investments

Turning to infrastructure, Biden highlighted the addition of 800,000 manufacturing jobs nationwide and the passage of a monumental $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. He pointed out that significant funding had been allocated to Pennsylvania, a pivotal battleground state in the 2024 election, for the improvement of Roosevelt Boulevard, airports, and more. In a dig at Trump, Biden noted that Infrastructure Week had become a punchline under his predecessor.

Addressing Age Concerns

Biden also addressed concerns about his age, acknowledging that 77% of the public believes he is too old to serve another term. However, he countered by emphasizing the wisdom that comes with age and expressing his commitment to continue with the support of the American people.


In his Labor Day speech, President Biden showcased his dedication to labor unions and his vision for a blue-collar America. He highlighted his administration’s economic achievements and contrasted his approach with the previous administration, setting the stage for a potential 2024 re-election campaign. With the backing of his supporters, Biden remains determined to lead the nation towards prosperity.

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